The system of diagnostic indicators of effective fertility of gray forest soil
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effective fertility, gray forest soil, the quantity of microorganisms, index of pedotrofnosti, activity of mineralization of humus, the total biological activity, coefficient of nitrogen mineralization, olihotrofnosti.

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Malinovskaya , I., & Tkachenko , N. (2017). The system of diagnostic indicators of effective fertility of gray forest soil. Interdepartmental Thematic Scientific Collection "Agriculture", 1(92), 36-43.


The analysis of the significance of correlations ties between the yield of winter wheat (2012), soybean (2013), spring wheat (2014), buckwheat (2015) and the under indicators of quantity of microorganisms of some of ecology-trophic, functional and taxonomic groups, their of physiological and biochemical activity, the indicators of intensity processes of mineralization, the phytotoxicity, the stability of microbial communities for the four of seasons of vegetations it was conducted. It is established that the effective fertility of grey forest soils significantly (r = 0,666-0,999) positively correlated with the quantity of ammonificators; with immobilization of mineral nitrogen, oligonitrophillouses, cellulose decompose; with of autochthonous microorganisms; with total number of microorganisms (r = 0,684); with total biological activity (r = 0,764); with probability of forming of colonies denitrification (PFC); with of pH of salt and pH of water; with capacity in soil of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, humus. The yield of agricultural crops negatively correlated significantly with the number melaninsyntezuvalnyh Micromycetes (r = - 0,665) and with their specific contents in the total number of micromycetes (r = - 0,673), with the indicators of phytotoxicity (r = - 0,648), with the hydrolytic acidity, with the total exchange acidity and content of mobile aluminium.Direct correlation of medium significance level (r = 0,333-0,665) is observed between the effective fertility of grey forest soils and a quantity denitrifications, pedotrofov, of polisaharidnay microorganisms, actinomycetes, micromycetes, mobilizers of mineral phosphates, acid-forming microorganisms, PFC nitrifiers, of autochthonous, of cellulose-decomposing bacteria, with humus mineralization activity (r = 0,564), the content of nitrate nitrogen and of ammonium nitrogen, the phosphorus degree of mobility. Feedback of medium level of significance observed between the yield and PFC olihotrofnosti, index of pedotrofnosti. The relationship between yield and coefficient of nitrogen mineralization by average multi-year data was insignificant (r = 0,090).

For the first time shown that an effective fertility of gray forest soils correlated with stability of microbial groupings, which is described of the quantity of significancy of correlation ties between their components.
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