Influence of weather on the agricultural crops
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climate, conditions, factors, model, agriculture, crop production, adaptation.

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Konishchuk, V., & Koval, S. (2018). Influence of weather on the agricultural crops. Interdepartmental Thematic Scientific Collection "Agriculture", 2(95), 30-34.


The article describes the relevance of weather and climatic conditions research, the possible consequences of its change, and priority tasks for agrarians. The purpose of the work was to evaluate the main approaches and principles to the processes of adaptation of agriculture (plant growing) of Ukraine to weather and climatic conditions change. It was clarified the threats to the basic needs of human life under the influence of weather and climatic conditions change. There are analyzed the approaches, practices of European countries to the processes of adaptation of the agricultural sector of the economy to the processes of weather-climatic conditions change. The main modern features of ecological and economic security of Ukraine are highlighted. To predict the climate change calculation, a model for the crop production industry is presented. The potential adaptation measures are proposed - changing the range of varieties used and maintaining soil moisture; their variations are described. This analysis gives grounds to farmers to prevent as much as possible, to reduce future negative consequences, to form organizational and economic mechanisms of adaptation of agriculture to weather and climatic conditions changes in Ukraine.
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