Influence of correlation of cultures and systems of tillage of soil on the impurit of sowing and productivity of crop rotations
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crop rotation, weeds, system of basic tillage of soil, corn, soy, winter wheat and winter barley, yield, productivity.

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МaliarchukN., Isakova, G., МаlyarchukА., & Luzhanskyi, I. (2018). Influence of correlation of cultures and systems of tillage of soil on the impurit of sowing and productivity of crop rotations. Interdepartmental Thematic Scientific Collection "Agriculture", 2(95), 49-54.


In the article results over of experimental researches of influence of different methods and depth of basic till of soil are brought in a crop rotation on the impurit of sowing of agricultural cultures and productivity of the row crop rotations on irrigation.

By the purpose of the article was scientific to ground the optimal parameters of correlation of competitive cultures of irrigated agrocenosis; determination of the phytosanitary state of sowing depending on correlation of cultures; establishment of reaction of cultures on a different satiation by them row crop rotations of short rotary press

For realization of researches used the field, laboratory, statistical and calculation-comparative methods.

Authors came to the conclusion, that in the link of зернопросапної crop rotation on livery soils of south region at irrigation the best results were provided by the system of different depth dump treatment. Replacement of basic tillage of soil the nonmoldboard deep and shallow loosening results in worsening of the phytosanitary state of sowing, decline of the productivity of agricultural cultures on the productivity of crop rotation.
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