Control the transformation of organic matter in the soils of Western Polesie
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organization of agricultural production, dehumidification of soils, fertilizer system, crop areas structure, erosion hazard.

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Polovyi, V., & KolesnykТ. (2018). Control the transformation of organic matter in the soils of Western Polesie. Interdepartmental Thematic Scientific Collection "Agriculture", 2(95), 55-62.


The peculiarities of agricultural production organization in Ukraine, which are found of the land fund and agricultural lands non-balanced structure is halping to soil erosion losses an increasing by 2,3 times and soil dehumidification at the level of 0,203 t / ha. Transformation of Ukrainian crop areas structure for the period 1990-2016 was helped to an increasing of the arable land erosion hazard coefficient from 0,44 to 0,56, which provokes loss of soil organic matter by 27,3%. The transformation of Ukrainian crop areas structure by decreasing the share of cutting-edge crops has reduced the soil organic matter ballance deficit in arable soils by 72 % (+ 0,28 t / ha), the effect of which decreased by 2,14 times due to a decreasing of arable land with organic fertilization. The unbalanced supply of nutrient-fertilizing elements to the arable land of Ukraine, the limiting factor of which is the narrow C: N ratio, which is lower than the optimal by 2,48 times, is an additional important factor of accelerating arable soils dehumidification.
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